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EMIS announced last week that they will start direct data sharing with TPP in a move that will see the majority of the UK's patient records available (at no extra cost) to any clinicians involved in the patient's care. 

It has long been a frustration, especially to community and urgent care units, to be unable to see required information from organisations using a different clinical system to their own. 

Using current methods, an EMIS Web practice referring to a District Nursing service on SystmOne would require significant paperwork hunting to be completed before being able to accept a referral. This would be a culmination of telephone calls, emails and faxes to be able to gather enough information to be able to start to treat a patient. 

EMIS didn't give any timelines on their press release, but this is very promising news from two leading (and competing) clinical system companies who are now beginning to realise the benefits of working together to deliver the best in patient care.