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TPP SystmOne Prison and Child Health Trainers / Technical Authors required

We are currently updating our document repository for TPP SystmOne Prison and Child Health modules and require trainers and/or technical authors to work with us to produce a new set of user guides and training handouts for these two modules. 

Past experience on training or writing documentation for these modules is required. 

If you have any of these skills, please contact us on


GP Prescribing Costs fall by £30m in the first quarter of 2012

GP efforts to raise prescribing standards have reversed rising NHS medicine costs, official figures suggest.

Prescription costs fell by £30m in the first quarter in which GPs were being assessed on locally agreed plans to improve prescribing efficiency.

NHS Information Centre figures show the number of items prescribed rose by 11.7m in this time. It suggests GPs cut the average item cost by 6.2%.

The DH praised GPs’ efforts, but said further progress could be made.

Special offer for Locum GPs - access all content for just £150 - EMIS LV, PCS and SystmOne GP User Guides and manuals

Pricare is here to help.

We have extensive documentation, handouts, crib sheets and user guides on all of the major CfH accredited systems to allow you to be one step ahead of your temporary position.

All of our help guides are clearly written in plain English and contain screen shots where necessary to help you work your way through.

You can also print these guides out and keep them at your side during consultations to refer to when required.

CCGs urged to use competitive tender for local enhanced services

Clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) awarding local enhanced services (LESs) have been told using competitive tender or the any qualified provider scheme 'will introduce greater transparency and help reduce the scope for conflicts'.

The steer from the NHS Commissioning Board (NCB) is contained within 14-page document Code of Conduct: Managing conflicts of interest where GP practices are potential providers of CCG-commissioned services published today.

Lack of money forces CCGs to cut GP roles

Small clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) are cutting GP board posts and limiting GP involvement because they lack the money to pay for their time, accountants are warning.

Bob Senior, director of medical services at accountancy firm RSM Tenon, told the Commissioning Show 2012 event in Kensington, London, on Wednesday that one CCG in the Midlands had to reduce the number of GPs on its board from six to two.

CCGs to reward practices financially for staying in budget

Clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) will financially reward practices that help them generate savings, a CCG lead has said.

Speaking at the Commissioning 2012 event in Kensington, London, Cumbria CCG chairman Dr Hugh Reeve said some CCGs were using efficiency savings generated by practices to fund enhanced services and other schemes that offered practices a chance to earn more.

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