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OpenGPSoC gets under way and is looking for funding

Pricare attended the OpenGPSoC Town Hall Meeting on Saturday 8th December 2012 and was pleased to see a great turnout and variety of public and commercial bodies at the event. 

The project got off to a roaring start with ideas for direction from many contributors. A number of healthcare organisations were present at the meeting and included NHS Direct, Cerner and Connecting for Health. A reporter from EHI also attended. 

Mobile site for TPP SystmOne and EMIS eLearning materials coming soon...

By the end of November 2012, Pricare's eLearning site will have a mobile version, allowing easier navigation and reading on your Android, iPad or iPhone device.

This will mean you can read and learn from your mobile device and follow the guides and videos on-screen. This will eliminate the need to constantly switch windows or print guides and have them on your desk.

This new service will be included free of charge for existing and new subscribers.

You can subscribe here.


Setting up Forwarding Recipients in TPP SystmOne - Streamlining Scanning in Document Management

The new Document Management feature in TPP SystmOne really speeds up the process of scanning and we think it's great. The following tip will show you how to make forwarding on scans to GPs to be checked even quicker. 

Once you have processed your scan, matched to a patient, entered details of the letter (e.g Discharge Summary), filled in the sender and recipient details and read coded as necessary, you click the Confirm button and then the system asks if you would like to complete the document (which files in the patient's notes and removed the document from your Acquired Images screen) or if you would like to forward the document onto a GP to be checked. 

The following tip shows you how to set up your mainly used GPs as buttons as in the image below, rather than having to find them from the drop down list, clicking their name and then clicking the + button to add them to the list. 

The Importance of the 'Next' button in TPP SystmOne

When adding bulk or back dated data into a patient's record in SystmOne, it is vital that the Next button is understood and used. This is especially important when summarising patient notes.


The Next button has two main uses:-

  • To separate consultations for GPs, Nurses and other clinical staff and
  • Summarising patient notes received from the Health Authority after registering a new patient. 

Either way, what the Next button allows you to do is to enter information under different 'events'.

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