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Set your default login screen - TPP SystmOne

A recent change to SystmOne allows you to configure your default login screen. Previously, you were automatically taken to the F8 Home Screen This new change allows greater flexibility, useful for if you are for instance a receptionist and you mainly work on the Appointments Ledger. 

To configure your default login screen:- 

1. Log in to SystmOne and select your F8 Home Screen. 

2. In the top-left corner of the screen, click the Configure Home Screen button.

TPP SystmOne Mobile Working Review

Here at Pricare we've been excited about the promises of a mobile version of SystmOne for some time. TPP are a company who are growing rapidly and have recently entered the Indian and Chinese markets with their products. They recently won first place in the Sunday Times 100 Best Small Companies with Frank Hester (TPP Founder and CEO) being a runner up in the "Best Leader" special category award. 

CSC to cut 750 UK jobs

From EHI

CSC has announced its plans to make 750 redundancies to its UK workforce as part of its “ongoing transformation strategy."

The company offers its electronic patient record system Lorenzo to trusts in the North, Midlands and East of England as part of a deal between the government and CSC.

In an interview with EHI last month, the company’s UK healthcare boss Philippe Houssiau said CSC is also aiming to win contracts outside the government deal.

TPP SystmOne Mobile Working now launched

TPP have finalised and released their mobile working version of SystmOne - one of the most highly anticipated products so far. 

SystmOne Mobile works completely differently to the Live version of the product, not relying on an N3 connection to access patient records and access visits, appointments and other key areas of the system.

This is really aimed at community and district staff, although we can see the benefits for any type of clinician using it. 

QOF income set to fall £20,000 - GPOnline

Practices will be hit by a 15% fall in QOF income next year as the government's overhaul of the framework and workload pressures bite, experts have warned.

Accountants say practices stand to lose £20,000 of QOF income as targets become harder to achieve in 2013/14.

GP leaders also anticipate a slump in QOF pay and blamed the government’s contract imposition for making matters ‘considerably worse’ for practices.

Using Scheduled Tasks in TPP SystmOne

The ability to schedule a task is alternative to using reminders or a recalls, for example to remind you that a patient needs a test or follow-up on a future date. 

The advantage of using a scheduled task over a reminder is that you do not have to retrieve the patient record to see scheduled task. A scheduled task is created overnight on the date you specify and will appear in the Task List the following day. You can also set the task to repeat as often as required, for example every four weeks.

£100m Nursing Technology Fund opens this week (EHI)

The £100m Nursing Technology Fund is due to open this week and an initial round of funding will be awarded before Christmas, EHI understands.

The fund was first announced by Prime Minister David Cameron in October 2012.

EHI understands the bidding process is likely to open on Wednesday. The first round of the fund will be worth £30m and trusts will have around a month to apply.

Bids will be awarded before Christmas this year and trusts will have to deploy the systems by the end of March 2014.

Telehealth 'does not curb GP workload' - GPOnline

Remotely monitoring patients' health does not reduce the demands placed on local GP practices, a DH-funded study has found.

Patients using telehealth services visited their GP just as often as those receiving usual care, Nuffield Trust researchers found.

The findings suggest claims that telehealth can reduce demand on health services may only apply to secondary care.

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