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Adding a Problem to the Care Record (EMIS Web)

Problems are usually added during a consultation and can be used to link medication and referrals amongst other things. Problems can easily be managed and merged, combined and split if necessary. 

1. Open the required patient record. 

2. On the ribbon toolbar at the top of the screen, click the Problems tab.

3. This displays the current problems screen. Click the Add button.

Using Drag and Drop (or Copy and Paste) in Document Manager (Scanning) TPP SystmOne

If you receive electronic documents that you would like to appear in the Communications and Letters node of a patient's clinical tree, the easiest way to achieve this is to "upload" the file straight into SystmOne so you can deal with it the same was you would as if you had scanned the paper version. Using the "Attach" file functionality may not be the best way to upload items such as Referral Letters as the resulting file would not appear in Communications and Letters, but in Attachments. 

Record a Drug Sensitivity in TPP SystmOne (GP, Community, Out of Hours, A&E)

1. Open the required patient record and click into the Search Features box in the bottom left of your screen. This allows you to use any template in SystmOne without necessarily having to have the template visible on your clinical tree or as a button on a toolbar. 

2. Type the first part of Sensitivity into the box and the Record Allergy or Sensitivity template will appear. Click to open it. 

Control who can block appointments in your organisation (TPP SystmOne GP, Community, Child Health)

TPP have recently introduced a change to allow system administrators to control who can and who cannot block appointments. This is especially useful in organisations where clinicians and admin staff block appointments which others wish to override and use. 

To control who can block appointments:-

1. Click Setup > Users & Policy > Organisation Preferences. 

2. On the tree on the left hand side of the window, click Appointments > Block Appointments. 

Changing the type of BP reading during a consultation TPP SystmOne

During a consultation you can change the type of BP reading taken to standing, sitting, lying etc. This can only be done when using the New Consultation method. Your consultation type can be changed in User Preferences. 

1. Open a patient record and click Start Consultation. 

2. Right-click in the required field (History, Examination etc) and click Insert BP from the popup menu.

3. Enter the BP reading and use the drop down menu to select the type. 

Using the new F12 Launcher on TPP SystmOne (GP, Community, Child Health etc)

TPP have recently updated SystmOne with a feature that people have been asking for. You can now assign frequently used clinical templates, questionnaires, auto consultations and protocols to a key on your keyboard for fast access whilst in a consultation. This guide will how you how to set them up and use them in a patient record.


1. From your F8 Home Screen, press the F12 key on your keyboard.

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