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TPP have recently updated SystmOne with a feature that people have been asking for. You can now assign frequently used clinical templates, questionnaires, auto consultations and protocols to a key on your keyboard for fast access whilst in a consultation. This guide will how you how to set them up and use them in a patient record.


1. From your F8 Home Screen, press the F12 key on your keyboard.

2. The window above appears. Using the right hand panel, type in the first few letters of the template you require. In this example we will add some QOF templates to shortcut launcher keys. Click Search and the resulting templates appear in the right hand panel.

3. Click and drag the Smoking v30 template over to the letter S on the left hand panel. The template is now assigned to the letter S on your keyboard. Repeat this step to add more templates as required. 

4. Click Close when finished adding templates. 

5. Open a patient record. In this example we will quickly lauch the Asthma V30 template we assigned to the letter A in the steps above. 

6. Press F12 then A on your keyboard. The Asthma template appears.

7. Fill out the template as required. Click OK to close the template.

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