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The Tabbed Journal offers improved functionality and filtering over the New Journal. The screen by default offers set tabs to display data recorded at different locations in date order. For instance, you can click GP data to quickly show all data recorded at the patient's GP surgery. There are also tabs for Community data, Urgent Care admissions and Local Data (data entered at your organisation).

In the example below, we will create a new tab to show data entered by yourself. 

1. Open a patient record and click Tabbed Journal on the clinical tree. Click the tabs across the top of the screen to display data recorded at that location. 

(If you cannot see Tabbed Journal on your tree or would like to find out more about customising your tree, please log in to your Pricare account. You can sign up if you are not currently a member)

2. Click the + tab next to Everything to create a new tab view. 

3. Type a new name for the tab, Events By Me, and select an icon. 

4. There are many options that you should experiment with but for this example we will click Events recorded by specific staff or organisations. Click the Magnifying Glass icon to open the staff browser. 

5. Type your name or location name into the search box and click the Search button. Select your organisation on the left panel, then click your name on the right. Click OK when done.

6. A new tab is created and the data you selected is displayed. To specify what you would like to see on the tab, you can filter down further. Click the Yellow Funnel icon (next to the black pencil icon) above the tab lists and the following window is displayed. 

7. Use the check boxes to select what information you would like to see on your tab. Click OK when finished. 

8. Finally, if your tab is displaying lots of information, you can use the search box to narrow down the results. In the search box, type the information you require, e.g. COPD, and press Enter. Any events that do not contain COPD will be removed from the view. Click the X button next to the search box to reset the tab. 

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