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This guide shows how to issue an eMED3 fit note statement whilst using the consultation mode of EMIS LV. eMED3s can also be accessed in the patients medical record and only GPs are allowed to issue electronic versions of an eMED3 (although other staff can issue duplicates and 'issued by hand' eMED3s).


  1. Retrieve the required patient patient record and enter consultation mode (or from the EMIS main menu enter MR or click Medical Records and choose the required patient in the usual manner).
  2. Click the new option 1 Fit Notes at the bottom of the screen . 
  3. Choose from one of the following 5 options:-

  1. Once chosen, the Fit Note Form Screen will appear (based on an option of not fit to work being chosen):-

  1. The date field will be greyed out and cannot be altered. This is because the form has picked up the details of your current consultation's problem (which can be altered if necessary) to aid filling out of the form. 
  2. When all necessary data has been entered, click the Preview button. 

  1. Click Print to print the form. 

A full guide on the eMED3 functionality can be found by logging in to your EMIS LV Pricare account.