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TPP regularly update SystmOne to ensure users always have the best experience possible. Recently, they have introduced a new feature that makes the user interface look more modern and have additional functionality that introduces screen transitions. These all give SystmOne a polished look and gives the software a new look.

1. Log into SystmOne and click the System Menu > PC Settings (please note that making this change will affect the current PC you are logged into only. To introduce this change to other PCs, the following steps must be made to each of the PCs used).

2. Open the the User Interface folder then click Look & Feel.

3. Click the option called New Look & Feel.

4. Click onto the Screen Transitions option and select an option from the drop down menu (fade is a popular option and looks very nice). 

5. Click OK when finished. 

The following screenshots show how the toolbars and menu systems change in the new look and feel.

Old Look & Feel


New Look & Feel


For more information and to learn about other PC settings, log in to your TPP SystmOne account, or subscribe here.