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The address book in TPP SystmOne can save time and make your experience more productive if set up and configured correctly. Addresses for Choose and Book referrals, scanning and letters can all be pulled quickly out of a detailed address book, saving the need to search for a building or place every time you record a source. Follow this guide to set up your address book and make your SystmOne admin time more fruitful.
1. Click the Setup drop down menu > Referrals and Letters > Address Book.
2. The address book has three tabs. The Search tab is useful to find  other organisations who use SystmOne. You can find and add favourites from here. However, to store your own organisations, trusts, hospitals and other contacts, you would use the Organisation Contacts tab. 


3. Highlight the Organisation Contacts (yellow building) option on the list and click the New Place button on the top toolbar. Enter the name of the place and select the Contact Type from the drop-down list. Click OK. 

4. Enter the Post Code of the place and click Find. The rest of the address will self-populate. Enter any other information if required (not mandatory). Click OK. 

5. We will now add a person to this place. In this demo, we will add a consultant to our hospital. Highlight the required place (click the yellow folder) and click the New Person button on the top toolbar. 

6. Complete the name and staff role of the person. Click OK. 

7. If required, enter more contact details and ID numbers. In this case, we will add a read code to this consultant. 

8. Click the red R button to choose a speciality. The read code browser opens. Find or search for the required read code, highlight and click OK. 

9. Click OK and the new person will be added. 

Repeat the steps above to add more people and places. When adding a read code to a consultant, the selected code will be automatically added to the patient's journal whenever you refer to them. This is true for both paper and Choose and Book referrals. 

The Address Book can also be used when scanning. Add your referral sources to the address book and whenever you receive correspondence from them, Document Manager will allow you to pull names from the address book. 

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