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When adding bulk or back dated data into a patient's record in SystmOne, it is vital that the Next button is understood and used. This is especially important when summarising patient notes.


The Next button has two main uses:-

  • To separate consultations for GPs, Nurses and other clinical staff and
  • Summarising patient notes received from the Health Authority after registering a new patient. 

Either way, what the Next button allows you to do is to enter information under different 'events'.

An event is a place, time, contact method, done by and a few other pieces of information (can be changed using the Details button) and must be changed according to the information you are currently adding. 

In the example below we show how to effectively use the next button when separating back dated items, in this case flu jabs performed at a previous surgery.


First of all we are going to create an event details template to quickly fill out who performed the procedure, where it was done, and what the contact method was. If you are unsure how to set up an event details template, please refer to your documentation on creating templates.


  1. Open the required patient record. 
  2. Click the Details button on the large toolbar. 
  3. Click the New Template button at the top of the window.
  4. Name the template Summarising Notes.
  5. Pick an icon.
  6. For Event Done By, click Unknown.
  7. For Staff Type, choose Other Health Care Professionals.
  8. Authorised By will always be your own name.
  9. Clear the Organisation field by clicking the black cross. 
  10. Staff Location will be set to Other Surgery.
  11. In the Comments field, type something similar to Performed at a previous practice.
  12. Click OK.
  13. To choose this template in future, open Event Details, find the template Summarising Notes in the Template Drop-Down and click Apply Template.

Everything you now enter will be under these details and you will see why we've made a template when it comes to adding lots of information when summarising a patient's notes.


Now we will back date the first flu jab to 01/10/2009. 

  • Right-Click on the Vaccinations node of the clinical tree and click Record Vaccination from the popup menu.
  • Change the date information at the top of the window to Exact Date and enter the date 01/10/2009.

Now fill out the template as required, using the Vaccination, Part, Batch No, Reason, Site and Notes as/if required. 

Now enter another flu vaccination using the date 22/11/2010. See what happens? 

If you save the patient record and then go back in and look in the New Journal or the Vaccinations Screen, you will see that BOTH vaccinations have been recorded on the second date of 22/11/2010. So how do we get around this problem without saving and re-opening the patient record every time we add data? By using the Next button.


The Next button will record what you have entered and re-set the event details back to the default setting. This means that you will need to apply your Summarising Notes Event Details Template every time you click the next button. It's quick and easy and would be very time consuming without it. This means that event details and the Next button work hand in hand. 


So the process you should use is this. 

  1. Open the correct patient record.
  2. Click Event Details. 
  3. Use the Templates drop down to select Summaring Notes and click OK.
  4. Enter the required info, remembering to back-date as required. 
  5. Click Next. This resets the event back to today.
  6. Repeat from step 2 for each item.