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Pricare gives you access to a full suite of training materials, user guides, handouts and lesson plans with actual screenshots to enable you to train yourself on all major clinical systems, or to design and provide your own in house training for staff.

Pricare has more than 15 years of experience with TPP and EMIS products and we offer everything you need to be able to confidently use a clinical system you may not be too familiar with. Our TPP SystmOne GP subscription includes video user guides for common tasks, such as booking an appointment or completing a consultation.

Pricare has a team of trainers who are available on a contract basis to work at any location in England. Please contact us for a competitive daily rate quotation.

For GP Partners and Salaried GPs, we also provide the following services:-

  • Full information on streamlining your recalling processes to ensure maximum QOF points through high patient contact turnover.
  • Creating your own clinical data entry templates and amending existing ones. 
  • Advanced reporting information containing in-depth guidance on creating complex and detailed reports, including common pitfalls and areas to be aware of when using reporting.
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for QOF, Read Codes and other ambiguous areas of your clinical system.
  • Free Email support for everyone in your organisation.

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