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TPP have finalised and released their mobile working version of SystmOne - one of the most highly anticipated products so far. 

SystmOne Mobile works completely differently to the Live version of the product, not relying on an N3 connection to access patient records and access visits, appointments and other key areas of the system.

This is really aimed at community and district staff, although we can see the benefits for any type of clinician using it. 

TPP have cleverly built a new secured server where users can access patient data without having an N3 connection. They have also built new functionality into the Mobile Working version of the software which automatically downloads patient data to your device when you first log in. This means that in areas with no wi-fi or 3G signal, users can still access patient records they have on their visit list for that day.

SystmOne Mobile will then automatically upload any changes back to the live server once a connection is found. 

This is all really positive news for TPP and makes their product a clear front runner in the race for the best clinical system in the UK.

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