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Here at Pricare we've been excited about the promises of a mobile version of SystmOne for some time. TPP are a company who are growing rapidly and have recently entered the Indian and Chinese markets with their products. They recently won first place in the Sunday Times 100 Best Small Companies with Frank Hester (TPP Founder and CEO) being a runner up in the "Best Leader" special category award. 

It's starting to make us wonder if we will soon be seeing an Initial Public Offering from the company, and if so, let's hope that we see them listed on the London Stock Exchange.

Mobile Working

Test device : Microsoft Windows 8.1 Tablet, 64 bit, 4GB RAM, 128GB SSD, WiFi/3g.

Our first impressions of Mobile Working are extremely good. Logging in takes much less time than it does in the Live environment having only to use your SystmOne username and password. You can configure the device/unit to have additional security of using the smartcard and PIN or a memorable word, where you are asked for 3 characters of it and are entered using drop down boxes. 

As the Windows 8 device never actually shuts down completely (when you press the power button, the device enters stand by mode in a similar way to a smartphone or iPad), the entire process of logging on from a turned-off device took less than 30 seconds. This is extremely impressive and is a must for busy GPs and Community Nurses who may only have 10 minutes in total with a patient. 

The first time you log into mobile working, a connection to the Internet via WiFi or 3g is recommended to download updates and any changes to you appointments or visits lists. You can still log in without an active Internet connection although you will only have access the patients already downloaded to your device (Mobile Working automatically downloads the patients on your rotas and visits lists for the next 7 days). This initial download so updates templates, configured lists and a few other essential system elements. You are still free to use the product even whilst this download is taking place. 

Opening a patient record is as simple as two taps of the screen. You tap the Patients icon, then the name of the patient. Within a couple of seconds, the patient record is ready to be viewed or added to. 

The first thing you notice is how clean and simple the interface is. Mobile Working was a complete redesign of the software and appears to have been created with touch screen devices in mind. It is essentially an "app" of SystmOne Live.

Entering a consultation is very similar to the New Consultations method on SystmOne Live. You add the History, Examination, Diagnosis and Plan and add read codes using the Record New Coded Entry button. It all feels very familiar and getting used to this system shouldn't take an adept user too long. You have access to the full read code browser o you are not limited to what you can add to the current consultation. 

Adding entries using clinical templates is one of the biggest changes to the Mobile version. You search for templates by name rather than clicking them from your clinical tree, and you then have the option to add the template as a favourite for quicker access next time. We like this feature a lot. When the template we tested opened, we found that it was all in the wrong order. On closer inspection, this was down to how the template was created in Live (it was designed in two columns yet Mobile Working generates the XML code in a left-to-right method) so this is definitely something to keep in mind when creating new templates. 

We were successfully able to use the prescribing and repeat templates features without any issues. Additionally you have access to views, care plans, relationships, questionnaires, communications, attachments, medical drawings, vaccinations, tasks, referrals and pathology reports. This was quite surprising to us as we always envisaged this solution being a bare-bones system, able to record new details and see basic info but not much else. How wrong we were! 

We did notice two small but potentially troublesome issues. First of all, patient status alerts were not showing at all. Maybe this will be added in a future update? We hope so. 

The second issue was that quick action buttons on templates did not all work either. We just saw a - TEMPLATE ELEMENT MISSING - message on the template. Again, this may be an upcoming feature, although a message of what was missing would be more useful then just not giving the user any idea of what it is that cannot be displayed. 

You have got to keep in mind that it is still very early in it's lifetime. Products improve and gain better functionality as development work continues. And with such a brilliant product, I would imagine TPP have made sure the resources for this work are available.