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New videos added and existing ones updated. We have also added a range of handouts and crib sheets to the Community area. New TPP SystmOne GP eLearning videos coming soon...

Current list of videos are as follows (remember you can request eLearning videos from us):-



SystmOne Basics

Opening and Closing a Patient Record  
Configuring the F8 Home Screen - Adding Quick Jump Buttons Interactive


Register a New Patient and add a Referral In  
Checking for Past Contacts with a New Patient  

Clinical Data Entry

Adding and Personalising a Care Plan  
Outcoming visits and Adding Activities  
Using Clinical Templates and Assessments  
Adding a Consultation to the patient record  


Creating a New Caseload  
Managing Caseloads  
Moving Patients Between Caseloads  


Referring Patients to Other Services using SystmOne  
Ending a Referral   

Appointments and Visits

Monthly Planner - Assigning Visits  
Booking an Appointment  
Cancelling an Rebooking an Appointment  
Changing the Status of an Appointment  
Adding a patient to a Waiting List  
Creating a Rota Template  
Applying a Rota Template  



Creating your own Reports and Searches  

Joining Clinical Reports  

Creating advanced reports and searching for numeric entries  


Super Users/System Administrators

Creating a New User  
Adding Staff Leave  
Configured Lists  
Customising the Clinical Tree