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The NHS Summary Care Record has reached the 50 million patient mark, with more than 30,000 record views now occurring each week.

The milestone is the latest demonstration of the SCR’s growing use, after it was initially bedevilled with criticisms about confidentiality and low viewing levels.

The Health and Social Care Information Centre announced last week that there are now 50 million people with an SCR created from their GP records, meaning that 90% of the population is now covered.

The record provides a core set of required clinical data, including allergies, medications and adverse reactions, pulled from GP systems, which can be viewed by health professionals involved in a patient’s care.

In July 2013, it was expanded to include patients’ end-of-life care information, immunisations, and significant past problems and procedures.

Richard Jefferson, NHS England’s head of business systems, told EHI News the milestone is a demonstration of the “significant benefits” that the SCR is delivering to clinicians and patients across the country.

“The fact that over 50 million records are now available means it should be business as usual for clinicians to have access and utilise this critical source of care information.”

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