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1. Open the required patient record and click into the Search Features box in the bottom left of your screen. This allows you to use any template in SystmOne without necessarily having to have the template visible on your clinical tree or as a button on a toolbar. 

2. Type the first part of Sensitivity into the box and the Record Allergy or Sensitivity template will appear. Click to open it. 

3. Ensure Drug Sensitivity is selected and click the Brown Medication Bottle button to open the drug browser. 

4. The Drug Browser appears. 

5. Current drug allergies are shown at the bottom of the window. Type the first few letters of the drug into the search box and press enter or click search. Matching drugs appear in the main window. Click the name of the drug once, then click OK

6. The name of the drug is now displayed in the Drug box. Enter any comments as required. 

7. Click the blue i button to open drug information. Click the Side Effects tab to show knows side effects. 

8. Close the drug information dialog then click OK. The MHRA Yellow Card Reporting dialog may appear. In this instance we are going to click No

9. Drug sensitivities are shown on the Patient Home screen.

10. They are also shown at the bottom of the Drug & Appliance Browser.

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