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Notifications in SystmOne are the equivalent of sending an email to another user. They are not patient specific and are used for general communications to other SystmOne users. The message never leaves the platform and so are a very secure way to send communications. 

1. Click User > New Notification or CTRL+E to start.

2. You have four options to select the recipient of the message. Click Favourites to send a message to one of your favourite contacts. Click Local User to send to another user in your unit.

Click User Group to send to all doctors, nurses, admin etc. 

Click Other User to send to any SystmOne user. 

3. In this example, we will send to Other User. Click the button and the search window appears. 

4. Type in the name of the unit or user and press Enter. In this example we searched for Pauline Porter and expanded the unit in the right panel to display the users. Select a user then click OK. 

5. Select an attachment if required. Tick Notification is urgent and Send me a receipt if required. Enter the Subject and Message. 

6. Click OK to send the notification. 

7. The user you sent the message to will see a new message arrive on their home screen. 

Click on the Notify button to open the messages. 

8. Right click on any message in the list below to Action, Reply, Delete etc.

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