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If you're familiar with protocols in clincial systems, then you will be aware of what powerful a tool they are and how they can save time for clinicians and admin staff alike. They can sometimes be tricky to set up however, and for simple tasks such as alerting a user on adding certain information to a patient record, input prompts may be a better choice...

They can be used to alert users when entering a particular read code or prescribing a particular medication. The alert can be the opening of a clinical template, a questionnaire or a simple popup message. They can be activated for everyone in your organisation, and deselected for yourself if it isn’t relevant. They can sometimes be used instead of simple protocols. 

1. Click Setup > Data Entry > Input Prompts. 

2. Choose the triggering event. In this example we will set up an alert to warn clinicians when entering a new Asthma diagnosis to check to ensure it hasn’t already been recorded in the past. Click Add read code and select the read code in the usual manner.
3. In the Output box, choose Message and type the message you require. Click OK when finished.

4. Select whether to enable during consultations, when linking new consultations to problems and during scanning as appropriate. 

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