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Cash-strapped PCT clusters are struggling to pay GPs and carry out rent reviews in a timely fashion, with one GP leader blaming delays on an ‘implosion' of trusts during the transition to clinical commissioning.

Harrow LMC said their PCT tried to suspend three yearly rent review for practices due to the trust's financial position, although the LMC was able to secure the commitment of NHS Harrow to reimbursing practices their market rental value, after taking advice from the GPC.LMCs in North London said they had received numerous reports of GPs failing to be paid properly for providing agreed services under LES schemes, while Hammersmith and Fulham LMC has advised GPs to check they have been paid properly following reports of problems with payments for Choose and Book payments.

A spokesperson for Barnet, Camden, Enfield, Haringey and Islington LMCs said: ‘We have continued to raise concerns with the cluster regarding problems which practices are experiencing in receiving timely and accurate payments. The cluster has apologised for these problems.'

NHS North central London told the GPs the lateness of some payments was due to the fact that they had yet to rationalise the three payment offices following reorganisation.

Dr Chaand Nagpaul, GPC negotiator and a GP in Stanmore, Middlesex, said: ‘These sorts of problems were predictable given the haste of wholesale ideological reorganisation of the NHS with the implosion of PCTs.'

'It is not acceptable for GP practices to be penalised with inaccurate or delayed payments, and which will affect their cash flow and ability to run their surgeries.'

'It is vital the practices are vigilant in checking payments owed to them to ensure they are accurately paid monies due to them, and to report problems and delays to their LMC.'