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We are often asked if data from a patient's record is automatically transferred from a GP surgery using one clinical system to a new surgery using a different clinical system. 

A normal GP surgery spends hours per week summarising patient notes from new registrations, which can lead to incorrect data being added due to human error. This time could be put to much better use completing other surgery tasks. 

TPP SystmOne is well known for already having an extremely simple and safe way of transferring a patient record between two SystmOne practices using the patient's single record. The process is as quick as a patient being registered at their new site and within seconds of locating them on the PDS, their record is viewable by the new site. 

TPP have now taken a step further. They are currently testing GP2GP transfers from non-SystmOne sites, with 10 consecutive successful transfers required from other accredited systems such as EMIS Web and INPS Vision 3 for the project to be hailed a success 

This is exciting news for all practices across the country and could save countless hours of summarising records for every GP in England.