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Part 1 - Finding the patients

There may be the odd patients on your system who have a high number of QOF alerts and potentially costing your surgery a lot of money. To quickly display your "top" patients follow the steps below. We will then deal with individual patients.


  • Click Reporting > QOF Indicators.
  • On the left hand panel, click Target Patients. 
  • Click the How Am I Driving option and select to show the top 50 patients with the highest number of alerts.



Take the example patient below. He has avoided the surgery for quite a while and has 23 outstanding actions and costing the practice £1240.82:-



Part 2 - Contacting the patients

We have a few options at our fingertips. Firstly we can send the patient an SMS text message asking him to make an appointment. 

  • Highlight the patient on the list by left-clicking his name to select the patinet. 
  • On the row of buttons above click the mobile phone icon. 
  • Enter the message to be sent and click OK. 
  • We can also send the patient a letter from this same screen - click the Mail Merge button on the toolbar (the white sheet of paper with the bottom corner folded up). 
  • Select the mail merge template from the drop down (mail merge templates can be configured by using the guide inside your Pricare account here) and enter the text for your letter, asking the patient to come in. 


Part 3 - Actioning the QOF Alerts

Open the patient record and perform the necessary clinical investigations required to satisfy each QOF alert. 

We can now action the alerts quickly, adding the correct read codes from a pre-defined list, built into SystmOne.

  • Click onto the Patient Home node of the clinical tree.
  • Expand the QOF Alerts section by clicking the + sign next to the label "QOF Alerts".



At the top of this list there is a blue link named Action All. Click this link to open the QOF alerts panel. 



Next to each qualifier you have performed click the option "Record Achievement" and use the drop down boxes to record the required read codes. 

Save the patient record when finished.