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Everyone with a long-term condition or disability must have a digital personalised care plan accessible online or via a mobile phone app by 2015, under a package of measures launched today by NHS England.
Transforming Participation in Health and Care is online guidance to commissioners that promotes the use of technology to put patients and their carers at the centre of treatment decision making.
The NHS Mandate set an objective that everyone with a long-term condition will be offered a personalised care plan. The new guidance says this must be digitally accessible.
It says that NHS England will develop and implement a best practice standard that defines what good, personalised, digital care plans look like, in order to support GPs and health professionals to create patient plans during 2014.
It will also launch a new certification process for entrepreneurs to, “easily offer online tools and services that support personalisation, to help commissioners to identify high quality suppliers”.
Anyone who can benefit should have a personal health budget and digital care plan by April 2015.
The guidance has been launched today at the Commissioning Assembly being held at Edgbaston Cricket Ground, Birmingham.
It aims to embed patient insight and feedback more systematically into the workings of the NHS