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When registering a patient that has transferred across from a practice using a clinical system other than SystmOne, it is not always possible to accurately translate all information across. Any data that cannot be understood by SystmOne will become degraded data, and must be dealt with to ensure an accurate record. 

There are lots of reasons for data becoming degraded, including different read coding systems being used. 

IMPORTANT - You will not be able to prescribe medication for any patients who have outstanding degraded drug sensitivities or allergies on their record. 

For each newly registered patient with degraded data, you will receive a task. Action the task to retrieve the patient record. 

1. Click the " GP2GP  Degraded Entries" node of the clinical tree. If you cannot see this option on your clinical tree, follow the guide for amending your clinical tree.

NOTE: Only clinically relevant entries need to be correctly recorded in the record. Any items that are not relevant can be left as degraded data. 

2. Right-click on this information to display the possible options. 

3. Choose the relevant option, I.e. Replace with Read-Coded entry, to read code the entry and automatically mark in error the previous degraded data. (The options available on the right-click menu will change depending on the type of data. In this example, we have right-clicked on a degraded BMI score so the options are read code or numeric).

4. If you have completed all of the degraded data entries, the task will automatically be marked as complete. If you have not dealt with all of the degraded items, you can complete the task as normal by Right-Click > Change Status > Completed. 

5. Some degraded entries cannot be recorded in SystmOne in an identical way to how it was recorded in the previous clinical system. In this case, record the information as accurately as possible but leave the original degraded item for auditing.