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You may have noticed that as you use SystmOne more in your role, you have configured and added options to your clinical tree to make your work simpler and quicker. This can lead to a cluttered work environment and extra time scanning your patient tree to find the nodes, or screens that you use most often. 

TPP have come up with a clever way to overcome this by allowing you to add colours to the nodes of your tree, making them stand out more and quicker to select. 


1. Open a patient record. 

2. Right-click on any option on the clinical tree and select Tree Configuration.


3. Click the Tree Colours option on the left panel, then click the Select Node to Colour button at the top of the window. 

4. Search for or find the option of the tree to colour by expanding the corresponding folder on the left. In this example, we are going to colour the New Journal located in the Core Clincial folder. Highlight New Journal and click OK. Choose a colour in the next popup window and click OK

5. The New Journal will now be coloured. Repeat the steps above to colour other frequently used nodes of the patient clinical tree. 

6. In this example below we have coloured New Journal, Medication, Reminders and Pathology & Radiology. 

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