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For the past 5 months, Pricare has been working closely with NHS Leeds Community Healthcare to migrate some of their larger services onto the Choose and Book platform. This will enable GPs to book appointments directly with the service for their patients at the click of a button. The services now live are MSK Physiotherapy (tiers 1 and 2, ESPs and Doctors), MSK Podiatry and Biomechanics.

This change will enable the services to stay competitive in the market with the advent of Any Qualified Provider (AQP) just around the corner.

 The Head of Service Caroline McNamara says:-

"Pricare has worked with the Leeds MSK and Rehabilitation Service for the past 5 months in their capacity as advisers and project managers for the implementation of Directly Bookable Choose and Book and upgrades to our service utilisation of SystmOne.

During their time with our service, I have found Pricare at all times to be focused, hardworking and able to effectively support the implementation plan of several services being moved onto Directly Bookable Choose and Book within an extremely tight time frame.

They have a very sound understanding of the technical and organisational issues around this process and are able to support clinical and admin teams very effectively during the implementation process."