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Problems are usually added during a consultation and can be used to link medication and referrals amongst other things. Problems can easily be managed and merged, combined and split if necessary. 

1. Open the required patient record. 

2. On the ribbon toolbar at the top of the screen, click the Problems tab.

3. This displays the current problems screen. Click the Add button.

4. Then click Code. This will display the clinical term browser. 

5. Type in the first letters of the code you require, in this example we look for Hypertension. Matching terms are displayed. The right hand panel can be used to drill down to a specific code. Double click the required code to add it to the selection. 

6. Choose the required date of entry and add any descriptive text as required. You can change the type of problem and it's significance and episodicity by using the blue text drop down lists as shpwn above. 

7. Click OK when finished. The problem is added to the current problems screen. 

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